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We believe that wine is not just a drink: Wine is a lifestyle.

Wine n’ About is the new Wine Digital Platform, born in 2014 with the mission of creating a new wine culture in Thailand, by educating and engaging people, and creating a new purchase experience.

We do it in a modern and visual way, simplifying technical topics, to make them understandable for common readers.

We create graphic and catchy content, distributing through digital channels – Website, Newsletters, Social Media and other online Platforms – and traditional channels – Media and Events.

The educational path is one of our main goals and it combines our competencies, from the wine expertise and graphic design to the business expansion, to address the readers – both novices and experts – and the professionals of the Food & Beverage sector with the objective of creating a new experience.

We do it designing visual materials and professional and private training.

Finally, our Wine eShop, unique in the Thai market, where you can find wines monthly tasted and selected by our Sommelier.

Moreover, we created recognizable wine categories to help the consumer to find its own palate profile.

All the wines purchased from Wine n’ About are delivered at home with wrapping paper, stylish wine pack and, more importantly, our signature wine card, visually explaining everything you need to know to best enjoy the wine.

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