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Giulio Saverino
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Founder, Sommelier, Director of wine

Giulio is a restless traveler. His journey begun as an adventure through which he has learned the importance of silence, the power of the sun in Oman, the color of the Muscovites, the sound of the Irrawaddy river, to finally embrace Thailand as his home.

Giulio loves wine as much as writing about it. He is also responsible for all about wine, including “tasting” all of our stock ;o)

He is inspired and driven to researching wine, both as an avid bookworm and as a dedicated professional. Giulio`s hunger for a good storytelling is second only to his lust to tantalize his exquisite palate. He has set the ambitious mission to deepen consumers` understanding of the world of wine.

Giulio is a Wing Chun martial artist, and a devoted Ducati (red) bike rider.

Giulio’s Background


Hotel Management School, Pinerolo – Turin, Italy


Sommelier of the Italian Sommelier Association (A.I.S.)


Held several positions across his long standing career as a Sommelier, Restaurant Manager, and F&B Director:

Bed Supper Club, Bangkok, Thailand

Sheraton Hotel Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok – Thailand

Eldorado Restaurant, Moscow – Russia

Oasis by the Sea, Muscat – Oman

L’opera Restaurant, Yangon – Myanmar

Italian Restaurant, @ Amari Watergate Hotel, Bangkok – Thailand

Savoy Hotel, London – UK

Caval’d Brons Restaurant (one star Michelin), Turin – Italy


Giulio is also a very successful entrepreneur with his co-founded venture of the Giusto Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand

He has received multiple awards for best wine lists. He is a resident lecturer at Chulalungkorn University, and an acclaimed event speaker.