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Code of Ethics

Wine, culture, lifestyle, travel, news, public or private; it’s all subjective. While we certainly have our own biases, we promise that the content is genuine and fruit of our work.

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Wine & Products

Wine Placement

You may see wine in our content. Typically we receive wines as sample donations. Before a wine ends up on our site, we taste test it to make sure it’s good and accurately represents its variety/region/style.

Wine Ratings

WineAndAbout does its authentic and unique ratings


Recommendations are intended to act as a baseline to get someone started. We’ve decided to recommend wine/products as specifically relevant to a particular piece of content so that a visitor has a real world example.

Affiliate Links

Some products/services are available through affiliates. Which means WineAndAbout might get a fee if you purchase the item. If an affiliate link is available we’ll use it to help generate revenue.


We encourage everyone to contribute in the comments. As long as you are polite, and respectful of others. Short of that, we warrant removing a comment. Here is what we don’t tolerate:

SPAM (of any type).
Violating the law.
Infringing on another visitor’s privacy.
Uncivilized language/behavior or imagery.